This article will walk through securing an existing FastAPI application with EasyAuth

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A look at the API from the OpenAPI web page:

$ uvicorn --host --port 8320 main:server
INFO: Started server process [93409]
INFO: Waiting for application startup.
INFO: Application startup complete.

FastAPI is quickly making a name for itself in the python community for its ease of use in developing RestAPI’s for nearly anything.

EasyJobs is a Job Scheduling & Task distribution library, built for FastAPI, which can create a pipeline for nearly anything — with built web-hooks.


$ virtualenv -p python3.7 easy-job-env  
source easy-jobs-env/bin/activate
pip install easyjobs

ETL — Extract -> Transform -> Load

A data pipeline is one of the most common, real world examples, of a process that needs to be scheduled, ordered & should be easy to configure. …

In this article, I will be walking through building a REST API for a Database, and in as little time as possible.

Constructing an API quickly may be important, but so is the performance of the API. For this reason, the API will be built using the FastAPI combined with with uvicorn, easyrpc and aiopyql for handling requests, database access and caching.

For this article, python 3.7 or greater can be used, which this is the min version required by the above packages.

Create and activate python environment.

$ virtualenv -p python3.7 db-api
$ source db-api/bin/activate

Install our dependencies


Joshua Jamison

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